Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Entry 2

Hi, Welcome back to my online journal of my life of craze and TRAVEL. Though I haven't traveled much yet I will be soon and believe me the traveling can't come soon enough. I have to wait till January just to leave the country. Of course I will be leaving to the other side of the world, than taking another trip out of Australia to some place most likely in like Asia or something. Now get this, I am a 10 ( almost 11) year of girl living in the US who have never in her life left the country. After then 2nd trip me and my family will be (if all goes as planed) going back to Australia where we will live for 2 years at the least. I guess I sorta explained all of this in my first entry but oh well I am repeating my self. Please read all my entries in order of them being written (starting with the oldest one..duh). Please subscribe to the blog, there is a place to subscribe on the left.
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Monday, July 28, 2008


This year for me has been a thunderstorm. But I guess you can't understand unless I tell you what is going on. Well, I have gone to the same school all my life. Now, new school, new house, new life. Yell. Me and my family are moving to the complete other side of the world. Australia. I am excited to get there, but getting there, not so much. Its for missions, see already we have a great cause. Because of that we must go through training, than a short term missions trip to who knows where. All of these things are in different places. Now do you see why it might be hard?
I have awesome parents, check out there blog http://baldwinboomerang.blogspot.com/.
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