Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry 3

Hello again, I am under the belief that know one reads this blog. No one has commented therefor no one must be reading this. Oh well, I will continue with my posting (if I am wrong about this please do comment).
I have been having a good summer, I was quite glad to have finished a year at my new school. Of cores not that that year is over I must face being at another new school since I am moving from elementary school to middle school. I leave this new school in late December to FINELY go to Australia :) .
I have been feeling pretty good lately, I just got back from The Soul Festival, I group of Christian Band concerts. Featuring: Toby Mac, Newsboys, Third Cay, Flyleaf, Pillar, my personal favorite Eleventyseven, etc.
Luv all that read this!
From your friend,
Abigail ( abby)


The Mahoneys said...

Yes people are reading your blog. Well at least one person is. mabye you could visit me in HK but the flight would be 12 hours long.
Great blog!!!

Steve said...

Make that at least two persons, but maybe I don't count since I'm your father. :)